Market Cycle Reports. Quarterly analysis of commercial real estate property types in more than 50 MSAs provided by Dr. Glenn Mueller, Real Estate Investment Strategist for Black Creek Group. The cycle monitor analyzes occupancy movements in five property types in more than 50 MSAs.

Commercial Real Estate in the Coming Years.” He will describe what metrics he examines in order to predict real estate cycles.

In the period just prior to 2008, the commercial real estate sector was riding a wave of unbridled optimism. That positivity was fueled by unprecedented price growth and confidence that values were only headed in one direction: upward. Enter the Great Recession, following the collapse of Lehman Brothers in the fall of 2008.

the past 30-plus years has revealed that real estate cycles tend to follow a fairly consistent 10-year pattern. Obviously it is not a precise 10-year period-one cannot pick specific beginning or ending dates; and real estate cycles vary by asset type, market factors and location. However, real estate cycles are comprised of four

Commercial real estate performance in 2018 is expected to be similar to that of 2017. Let’s break it down. The Cycle. I know better than to predict where we are in the real estate cycle, but I will recap where we are and what the current trends indicate about the future. Take it with a grain of salt, because I will likely be wrong.

Commercial real estate investors who heed the signals coming from the listed real estate market have an informational advantage related to operating fundamentals and valuations.Today, REIT shares trade at fairly sizable discounts to underlying asset values, so the REIT market is saying real estate is expensive-a different signal from the.

1 PREDICTING LONG-TERM TRENDS & MARKET CYCLES IN COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE by Glenn R. Mueller Working Paper #388 10/24/01 Land, together with labor and capital, is one of the three major factors of production.

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After years of growth, the downturn in commercial real estate has hit Phoenix hard, with. Phoenix Meets the Wrong End of the Boom Cycle.

but you still need to understand commercial real estate market analysis, including cycles, supply/demand, and demographics.

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Allied Commercial Real Estate’s focus and expertise on the Inland Empire and surrounding areas allows them to have unsurpassed market knowledge and insight into market factors and trends, demographics.