LONDON (Reuters Breakingviews) – Deutsche Bank’s latest strategy for boosting. However, the decision raises the moral bar. Brunei’s state-owned investment agency owns the Dorchester Collection.

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Deutsche Bank said all nine properties in the Brunei-owned Dorchester Collection would be excluded from the list of hotels its employees could use. Stuart Lewis, chief risk officer, said the laws.

How to Buy a Bank Owned Hotel or Note . Today a buyer can often buy a hotel at a substantial discount. In 2010 brokers will have more bank owned hotels and bank notes for sale. The process can be complicated, but a good hotel broker can help buyers though the process. Many brokers have been down this road in previous cycles.

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At the time of the bank transfer, Mont Saint-Sauveur International, which owned jay peak, said in a letter that the funds.

Several major banks, including J.P. Morgan, The Goldman Sachs Group and Bank of America prohibited their employees from staying at other hotels owned by the sultan, which include the luxury hotel. If a lender has a security interest in all of a hotel borrower’s real property. In In re HT Pueblo Properties, LLC, the debtor owned a Ramada Inn.